SpyStealth is a mobile monitoring software providing a perfect balance of features and price. The application allows to track up to three devices from a single control panel providing instant alerts and numerous benefits of parental controls to safeguard your children and family as well as to provide total control over your employees and office.

How SpyStealth works


The SpyStealth application is a senseless software which does not affect the way a target device performs. The software does not slow down the device, neither provides some signals to a target user. The live control panel allows you to get accurate current data about the activity of a target user or users from any location and from any device. On setting the software to a target device you will get your login and password as well as web address to log into live control panel. This ensures you instant access to the reports generates with SpyStealth application from any device you may need to use. Thus you are not connected to a single device.

Top features of SpyStealth application

Messages tracking

SpyStealth offers you instant access to all the messages received and sent to any phone number or to any account online. The software tracks the messages exchanged via native or third party messengers. You will get the report on messages containing important data as text and content of a message, the contact information of a user with whom a target device communicates as well as time of sending or receiving of a message.

Calls monitoring

SpyStealth offers you complete report on every call outgoing or incoming to a target device. In the report you will get the next information:

  • caller contact

  • time of call initiating

  • duration of a call


This option is of great use for businesses allowing finding out how much time your employees spend on the phones, whether they call business contacts or use business mobile service for their personal advantage. SpyStealth application will give you solid proofs of misuse of business resources. Stop wasting your business potential for personal needs of your employees! Install SpyStealth!

GPS tracking and geo-fencing

SpyStealth is one of the few mobile spy applications allowing for solid geo-fencing. The application provides you an opportunity to set virtual boundaries and get alarmed each time when a target device nears or crosses unwanted areas.

How to use GPS tracking for business

To make business your employees should not sit at their office table. But leaving the office for a business meeting they get out of your control. With SpyStealth application you will be able to see all the locations a target device has been to. The SpyStealth software provides you proofs that your employees waste time during business hours for their personal needs.

Online activity monitoring

Unlike many other mobile spy applications the SpyStealth software offers you a full set of control features for online activities. The app spies on social networks and offers you reports on:

  • account logins and passwords

  • time and duration of sessions

  • messages sent during a single session

  • media files uploaded to social networks and downloaded from social networks

  • other updates

SpyStealth application offers complete report on online activities on other websites. You will see in the report all the websites and pages visited, the time of each session and the duration of each visit. Mind that the software shows you only technical data. It does not record the sessions and the actions of a user on a website. Thus if a target user does not end a web session and puts a target device aside, then the software will continue to track the session and instead of 15 seconds of time on site, you will get an hour or even more spent on a certain website. Please, read the data carefully. There can be exceptions as the software tracks the device and not the user. Unfortunately, there are no applications available which will sense and track a human being. If any application promises you to track a person and not a device, then you should know that it is not true. None of the application is able to exclude human factor.


Multimedia files monitoring

The SpyStealth software gives you access to all media files stored, received and sent from or to a target device. You will track the images made with native camera of the device or with a third party application. The software will send you a copy of a file so you will be able to get proofs of what your employees are doing during working hours or your kids doing during lessons.

The multimedia tracking is of ultimate importance as the cameras of modern devices allow to make high quality pictures of business documents and send them via personal channels of communication. With SpyStealth you will be able to prevent any leakage of business sensitive information.

Gmail and emails tracking

With SpyStealth you will be able to read all the emails sent or received on any device. The software gets access not to a smartphone, but to the account in Google or other emailer and thus is able to track all emails even those which are sent from other PCs, tablets of other phones. The only necessary condition is a user being logged in his or her private account.

Third party messengers tracking

Modern users commonly do not like native applications provided with operating systems and install other applications. SpyStealth tracks the top popular applications as Facebook (native and third party applications), WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Instragram. The SpyStealth application will provide you the content of every message, time and contact of a message.

Blocking of applications

SpyStealth allows you to block any applications remotely. You can restrict access to any application if you notice that your kid overuses a chat or a messenger, or a certain game. You can also restrict installation of certain types of applications (for example, chats, messengers or games).


SpyStealth tracks YouTube. You will be able to see what content is viewed by a target person. You will be able to restrict access to certain types of content with a single click from SpyStealth live control panel.

Additional alerts setting

The application sends all tracked data to live control panel, however there are cases when you need certain data immediately. You can set SpyStealth to send you immediate notifications on certain actions, messages or websites visited. These alarms will let you to take necessary actions immediately.

Short summary

SpyStealth is an optimum software allowing you not only comprehensive tracking but ultimate parental control. It is fairly priced and provides responsive customer support being able to solve any matter on a customer side in a few minute span. Unlike many other mobile spy applications on the market, the SpyStealth application offers only useful options which you will use regularly. With SpyStealth you will not pay for options which you will never use.

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