Mobile-spy is one of the top services and software products available on the market to spy on people’s smartphones and activity on social networks and offline. This application allows to monitor text messages and calls, physical location over GPS, social networks activity in live mode. The product is marketed as the best solution to track your kids, spouse, partners or employees to prevent any abuse or unallowed or inappropriate behavior or activities.

Top features of Mobile-spy


The most wanted feature of the latest Mobile-spy version among users is Live control panel allowing instant access and live scanning of all possible user activities of a target smartphone or a tablet. Moreover the mode offers you not only to view the display of the smartphone or tablet live, but to send certain commands to the end device. Unfortunately, this option is available only for Premium accounts. Live control panel allows for viewing:

  • The screen of a target device — you will see all the applications launched or active on the screen in real time

  • Instant GPS tracking — you will be able to scan and track the GPS location right away

  • Send specific commands to a target device

  • Lock device — if you consider that the situation is potentially dangerous and the next text message can reveal sensitive business information or get your kid or a spouse in troubles, then sending a single command will lock the device.

In simple words Live control panel is a mode of live TV of the device of a spied person. Live control panel can send all the logs from a spied device to your email for you to get complete reports on the unauthorized activity of a spied person to get proper proofs.

Another option of Mobile Spy is tracking any outgoing or incoming text messages of a spied device. The application allows you to read standard text messages, chats on social networks and popular messengers and emails. Moreover the software tracks all the calls. The report will contain time, duration, contact name, contact number and other details which can become of great use for you.

Moreover the Mobile Spy application intercepts and sends you a copy of all multimedia files a spied person sends or receives via any channel possible. From now on you will have access to photos, videos, animated pictures, voice messages, audio files sent and received by a spied device.

The Mobile Spy application tracks the next messengers and social networks:

  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

  • Twitter

Unfortunately, the application is unable to track any other messenger or social network. Sure, these are the top popular, but there are thousands of other applications and social networks enabling your spouse to cheat on you, your kids to get into real troubles and your employees and colleagues to leak information about your business to competitors.


Other spying applications are compatible with a wider range of messengers and social networks as Viber, Periscope, YouTube (which is of ultimate importance to track and limit for your kids as this social video network provides free access to tons of violent, adult and improper content which can harm your kids).

Contacts monitoring is a useful option of Spy Mobile providing you detailed report with which contacts a spied person has communicated within a set period of time, which contacts have been deleted and which contacts have been newly added.

Moreover the application spies the calendar on a spied device. Thus you will keep up with all the planned and scheduled activities as many people do not use third party applications to track their meetings and activities.

Keylogger allows you to see all the keystrokes made on a target device. Later in this Mobile Spy review we will explain you why this feature is of ultimate importance.

GPS location tracking allows you to prevent violations of rules you have set in your family or a company. For example, you can track all the moves of your employees to set destinations. Thus you will be able to find out whether your manager is on meeting or in the next to office cafe. The same is with your family rules. If your kids violate your rules and go to the forbidden places, then you will easily prevent such behavior next time.

Internet activity monitoring will allow you to see all the websites a target person have visited. The Youtube is very low monitored as the application only provides you links of video content a target person have visited. So you will not be able to prevent your kid from seeing violent or adult content. In terms of adult we do not mean sexual content. Adult content is a sort of content your kid is too small to know about, for example, real baby delivery.

What are the cons of Mobile Spy?

The top essential feature an application like Mobile Spy is its security, specifically its absence. A target user should not see the application, should not sense its presence and tracking of mobile or tablet activity.

From the very beginning the Mobile Spy application was insensible. This means that if you were able to install the application secretly then a target person would be unable to sense or notice it on the phone. But the update made to the application in the 2015 changed the presence of the application.


From that update the application has become visible on the screen of a target device and a target user now sees the Mobile Spy application on the screen. And that fact can sufficiently affect the behavior of a target user. Knowing that the user is spied he or she will avoid using the device in a natural manner. Such a feature cancels all the positive effects this application provides.

Another disadvantage is a limited functionality. You will find other spying mobile applications which offer even more useful functions and features at the same price. The software cannot intercept calls, record calls or record surrounding sounds. These are crucial options to let you know more about tracked persons. Moreover it lacks one of the key options to track and educate children, which is limiting phone usage time for your kids. As you are unable to track your kids every moment, you need to get sure that they study, sleep or have rest instead of using the phones.

The software features low compatibility with mobile devices. While it is compatible with almost all Android devices, it features low compatibility with iOS and Win phones.

Short Summary

Mobile Spy is a stable and reliable version of mobile spying application with solid set of features but lacking essentials. It provides basic features for you to track your kids. You will be able to get alarmed and notified about unwanted actions of tracked persons but you get a limited set of options to prevent your kids, spouse or employees from doing wrong.

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