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Modern society considers spying to be something that is not fair in relation to a person. However, sometimes the situation obliges you to spy on the kids, employees, spouses and some other people. You have the heart to do it either because you care about the safety of the dearest people or just have a desire to know information, which is significant for your career, business or life. However, when an individual faces the necessity to purchase the best application for mobile phone spying, you start breaking your brains over the question what application is better.

Nevertheless, if you pursue the objective to select the best spy software for iPhone and iPad (and other operating systems), you came to the right place. We exist with the aim to help you take a correct choice. Modern market offers you a huge choice of the best cell phone spy software and for an ordinary person, who faces the necessity to spy for the first time, this task seems to be complicated. At our portal, you can read cell phone spy software reviews that will avail you understand the difference between these applications.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the detailed reviews about the best cell phone spy software, presented for sale now. Our professional team spends hours, investigating the modern market and learning about the peculiarities of every spy phone app for Android or iOS. We present our reviews point by point and describe each application according to such features as functionality, GPS location tracking, contacts monitoring, the capability to track messages, chats in Facebook, Viber, What’s up, etc.

Besides, we are always aware of the changes and updates of every application and are always glad to share with you the latest mobile phone spying software reviews.

The conception of mobile spying is not new. Nevertheless, in recent years, this area has undergone significant changes. Now this option is available to everyone who has such a desire. Generally, the core audience is the following:

- Parents who need to know the location of their kids and their social media activities;
- Spouses, sniffing treason;
- Employers, who want to track their colleagues and check the quality of their work

Surely, each person has various purposes of spying. However, everyone, who has the necessity to spy on, must adhere to the laws of the state.

Even if you need to find the reviews about top 10 Mobile Spy Apps for Cell Phones, is always ready to present you this information. The team of our experts constantly analyzes significant information about the best phone spy software, released in 2016. We are not just people who read the latest news about such applications for various operating systems online. The aim of our technical experts is to test such applications and provide our readers with the reliable information. Besides, we also have specialists that gather cell phone spy reviews online and check which application customers use most often. presents you only the latest information about the options of the best parental control software for iPhone and Android, the best applications for employers or spouses. We are here to avail you not to miss a figure and not to overpay for needless features.


SpyStealth is a mobile monitoring software providing a perfect balance of features and price. The application allows to track up to three devices from a single control panel providing instant alerts and numerous benefits of parental controls to safeguard your children and family as well as to provide total control over your employees and office.
How […]

mSpy Complete Review

mSpy is referred to as ultimate monitoring tool for smartphones and computers to track offline on device activity as well as online browsing history. The developer offers different applications for desktop computers and smartphones as well as various packs of products. You can choose to buy only smartphone tracker or desktop monitoring tool or both. […]

Highster Mobile

Highsterspy application is a software to secretly spy on mobile devices and to get reports on any activities of a target user. The software developer claims that the application is undetectable. It does not affect the overall performance of a target mobile device. The software offers a simple and very basic set of options which […]


Mobile-spy is one of the top services and software products available on the market to spy on people’s smartphones and activity on social networks and offline. This application allows to monitor text messages and calls, physical location over GPS, social networks activity in live mode. The product is marketed as the best solution to track […]


Flexispy is a popular application for spying on any type of mobile devices, including tablets and even cell phones. The developing company boasts compatibility of the application with iOS 9.1 and offers a great scope of useful features to monitor people through their usage of smart devices. The strong features of the Flexispy application in […]

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Easy Spy is a complete spyware on cell phones, mobile phones and tablets. It is marketed as a powerful control tool for parents and employers to track potentially dangerous actions and behaviors of employees. The strong feature of the application is ability to control almost every aspect of mobile activity. It is safe and is […]


Xnspy is marketed as world’s leading spyware allowing to monitor native and third party apps on target smartphones and tablets. It works with Android and iOS. Though the feature pack of the software is rather rich, still users estimate the software rather skeptically. Xnspy works well and responses instantly sending alerts to you when a […]